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Houston Employment-based Immigration Attorney

Texas lawyer helps businesses and workers with visas

The United States is a nation of immigrants. Midway through our third century, we still rely on the talents and industry of immigrants for the innovation, research and development, and essential labor that keeps our economy moving. If you are seeking permanent resident status in the United States based on an offer of employment, or if you are an employer wishing to sponsor a worker, The Barnett Law Group PLLC can guide you through the complex web of federal regulations. I offer legal assistance in areas related to:

  • Filing a petition
  • Employment Immigration categories E1 – E5
  • Labor certification
  • Employer sanctions
  • Temporary Worker Status (I-129)
  • Extraordinary Ability
  • Exceptional Ability Self Petitioners

Immigration bureaucracy and the national interest

Employment-based immigration is meant to benefit the immigrant, the employer and U.S. interests. U.S. policy attempts to balance the competing needs of attracting essential workers and ensuring that qualified U.S. workers are not disadvantaged. The hopeful immigrant must craft a petition with that understanding. I understand how the immigration bureaucracy works and what elements are essential to a successful petition.

Defense against violations

Penalties for violating immigration laws are severe, including heavy fines for employers and lifetime bans from entering the United States for immigrants convicted of misrepresenting material facts. I know what is necessary to advise employers and employees on obtaining lawful employment based immigration status and maintaining it.

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